Kids Parties

Kids Tablecloths for Hire

Let’s make life a little easier for you. We’ll take the stress (well at least some of it!) out of your party planning.

What you need to do.

  • Secure the date and times with us.
  • Secure your kid’s entertainment.
  • Invite the guests.
  • Plan your theme, decorations, party food, drinks and celebration cake.

Here’s what we’ll do.

  • We’ll set up your party room with the party table, an adults café area and kids play zone. (so, when you get here, just add your decorations, your food, and your guests)
  • We can now provide XL party tablecloths to save you yet another job. We have wipeable designs in either ‘Smarties’ or Red with White Stars.
  • We also have a Candy Cart for sweets and desserts too – you just fill it up with goodies.
  • We’ll provide you with a preparation kitchen facility, plastic squash jugs and crisp bowls, plenty of refrigeration, tea/coffee making facilities with mugs, (you bring the drinks).

We also provide a housekeeping tray, bin liners and our special wheelie nice party bin, brooms, and vacuum, for you to clean and clear up.

Don’t overthink your party.

3 hours is usually plenty of time in which to host your kid’s party. 2 hours for the party and half an hour each side to set up and break down your event. You can book more time with pleasure, but 3 hours is usually plenty.

A bouncy castle usually takes no more than 15 minutes to set up.

Kids Party Food – Keep it simple!

Kids are there for the fun factor.

For the simplest of party food do individual meal boxes or bags. Put in, for example; crisps, sausage roll, fruit, cupcake, cookies, chocolate bar etc, and then just do a platter of sandwiches for the kids to choose from. Individual drinks like Fruit Shoots (other brands are available) are easy for kids to handle and much easier to clear up, less spillages too! Your meal bags can be prepared on site or at home.

Meal bags + sandwiches + cake + drinks = Less stress & less mess!

No cooking facilities are on site here, and please don’t bring any.

So… please, no air fryers and no slow cookers, no chips – they won’t be missed.

Fish & Chip & Pizza deliveries can be arranged by yourselves. (Just remember – these meals create lots of greasy fingers, which means a lot more cleaning for you)

Of course, if you want a full on 3 course banquet, you can absolutely have one.

 Relax and enjoy your party.

Kids Party
Candy Cart with Jars
Football Party Room set up